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Synonyms for bead

Synonyms for bead

a small ball with a hole through the middle

a shape that is spherical and small


a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture

form into beads, as of water or sweat, for example

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decorate by sewing beads onto

string together like beads

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The harder the bead hits the wall, the hotter the wall surface becomes.
When Amanda started making beads three years ago, there were only three bead makers in the country.
This bell project took three class periods: one to make the pinch pot shell, one to make the beads, and, after these had been fired, a third to string the bells.
In fact, it is his idiosyncratic media (small plastic pony beads, encaustic, and LiteBrites) that reveal the cogency--and pitfall of his interrogation of masculinity, race, and class via cultural stereotype and autobiography.
9 [micro]m silica beads and would have presented the same difficulty in matching the bead refractive index with a glycerol-water solution.
Stefany Tomalin, founding member of the Bead Society of Great Britain.
A close-up of some of the intricate bead work that goes into a tiara
Baker Bay Bead Company offers these bits of history on site or online, from colorful, $1 Dutch-made doughnut beads to $40 Italian chevrons to matched pairs of feather, fancy overlay or horned eye beads that can cost up to $85 for two.
WHEN MY FATHER WAS DYING OF CANCER, my mother said the rosary before bed, and if it was a particularly exhausting day caring for him at borne, she fell asleep with the wooden beads between her fingers.
People of many faiths have prayed with beads since time immemorial.
Mountainside, NJ-based SEPR has introduced a new high-density ceramic grinding bead for use in horizontal and high-energy mills.
I recently popped into a large art store looking for some bead to make a necklace for a friend to wear on her wedding day and I was stunned at the selection on offer.
The team describes their creation by saying, "With a simple yet elegant design, sturdy build and flawless feel, the Bead is the solution Apple users have been waiting for.
Key statement: A pneumatic tire comprising a body, a tread, a pair of bead assemblies disposed in the lower section of the body, where said bead assemblies include a bead core and a bead filler, and a pair of sidewalls, where the bead assemblies and pair of sidewalls include vulcanized rubber, and where at least one of said bead assemblies, or at least one of said sidewalls, or both said bead assemblies and sidewalls include short fibers.