beach buggy

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a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes

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The saloon car driven by a 49-year-old Cyprus resident was travelling towards Ayia Napa when a beach buggy coming from the opposite direction in the wrong lane collided with the left side of the car.
Yesterday, Carl and Dilys insisted the Beach Buggy - a fun, sunshine kit car - may have "peaked" in popularity more than 40 years ago, but there are still plenty out there.
During the operation the troops destroyed 45 vehicles of various types, 63 motorcycles and a beach buggy for carrying no license plates which means that they could be used in attacks against the army and police forces," he said in a press release.
The resort will offer a variety of activities from beach buggy rides to water sport, including jet skis and paddle boats.
Lots of parents, children and friends came along and took part in great activities such as beach buggy rides, face painting, tattoos, football challenge and sponge races.
When a policemen encounters a traffic pileup, each vehicle idling in the jam makes a different noise--"Here is the beach buggy, off to the coast, and the surfers mumble, 'Hey man
The family off on their holiday with a speedboat on the car roof, the Duke and Duchess in their Rolls Royce, the children in the school bus, the racing car driver off to the track, the ice cream seller in his van, the surfers in the beach buggy and the driver of the road sweeper spinning its brushes all wonder what is causing the jam.
A breathtaking game from a Top Developer Vector Unit, this app features driving adventure in a hot-rod beach buggy traveling into various uncharted depths of a mysterious tropical island.
The car they used was an off-the-road beach buggy which had four gears and could reach 80mph - not quite the sophisticated 200mph Williams-Renault title hopeful Hill is now used to.
You can, for instance, bring out the adventurous side in you and go for a safari in the desert, where you rent a beach buggy and explore the mountains and desert either during sunset or sunrise and enjoy a Bedouin-style breakfast or dinner along with Egyptian folklore dances and performers.
Ek dink met groot deernis terug aan Tugela-riviermond, die Beach Buggy, die kreef, en veel meer.
How cool would it be to sit in a beach buggy and talk on (what appears to be now) a very large mobile phone and ask people to give you things for free.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) one beach buggy, also (b) plastic garbage containers.
The North East Team, "Durham County Choppers," took first prize with their all terrain Beach Buggy.
Kevin Thompson outlined the required approach when he described his beach buggy of vintage 1969 (pictured).