beach buggy

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a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes

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One important note to players is that the teaser trailer showed the car's front wheels turning while the driver is charging the car and playing "Beach Buggy Racing 2." This added stress could cause uneven wear on the front tires and increase the stress on the car's steering.
This electric beach buggy concept, inspired by the Meyers Manx (which was designed for desert racing by Californian Bruce Meyers and produced from 1964 to 1971) will have no doors and no roof (but it does have a roll-over bar) as well as open sills and large off-road tyres.
The warning comes just days after a 10-year-old Indian boy suffered severe injuries while driving a beach buggy, almost losing his hand after the vehicle overturned onto him.
I drove the beach buggy all the way to the biggest sea cave, which is located near the south end of the beach, and took some photos of the cave.
A YOUNG girl killed when a beach buggy collided with a truck could have "lit up a room with her smile", a councillor said.
Dubai: Next time you're on the beach and see a beach buggy, you're probably looking at Dubai Police's new patrol fleet.
There will also be a beach buggy ride, a carousel, bumper boats, 'Chair o Planes', pirate party, face painting and a gift shop.
The appeal, which aims to raise [pounds sterling]60,000 in June, has donated cash to buy Samuel a [pounds sterling]3,100 all-terrain beach buggy. The three-wheeler's big tyres make it easy to travel through sand and on rocky ground.
DESPITE the 308 R HYbrid not being given the green light yet, someone at PSA Peugeot Citroen has already said yes to making this E-Mehari beach buggy.
You're never far from a tricked-out beach buggy somersaulting through the air in flames or a gnarled old Kawasaki being harpooned from a moving lorry.
Bill was a member of St John Church, the IBEW Local 96, Electrical Workers Union, the Quinsigamond Lodge of Masons, and the Beach Buggy Association.
"During the operation the troops destroyed 45 vehicles of various types, 63 motorcycles and a beach buggy for carrying no license plates which means that they could be used in attacks against the army and police forces," he said in a press release.
The resort will offer a variety of activities from beach buggy rides to water sport, including jet skis and paddle boats.