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aromatic gum resin

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Through the new partnership of and Bdellium Tools, the affiliate program rewards affiliates for their performance-based promotional achievements and gives affiliates the opportunity to generate revenue with their campaign.
"Biomass partitioning and cutting success as influenced by indole butyric acid in softwood cuttings of Indian bdellium [Commiphora wightii (Arnot.) Bhand.]," Biomass partitioning Cut.
BD BDELLIUM CN CNEMIAL CT CTENOID KL KLEPTOMANIA KR KRYPTON MN MNEMONIC PN PNEUMONIA PT PTOMAINE TM TMESIS "But modern English has .become very cosmopolitan, welcoming foreign words to such an extent that the 43 native opening consonant pairs are actually outnumbered by 47 immigrant pairs from 25 foreign languages (including modern German and a U.S.
The index -- conducted in conjunction with Bdellium Inc.
Doty's discussion of market and mission in chapter 6 is clearly superior to the often rambling economic discussion (which almost hinges on his view of gold, bdellium, and onyx) of the previous chapter.
kanaka: 'gold; several plants (a kind of bdellium; a kind of sandalwood'; kayu kanaka, 'probably sandalwood (Sanskrit kanaka); same as kayu mas (golden tree, yellow and fragrant)'.
Genesis notes that Havilah, a land encircled by the Phison, is full of gold, bdellium, and onyx.
Havilah, the land of bdellium and onyx, or the River Gihon.
This unfortunate incident left the Tom Phelan-partnered Dragut Torghoud in front and he plugged on well enough on the run to the line to hold the staying on Bdellium by two and a half lengths.