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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

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Steel BBs can come back at almost the velocity they go downrange, and it only takes a little over 300 fps to break the skin!
With the introduction of the FI-R, BBS has once again advanced innovation in the field of Ultra-lightweight forged wheels.
The episode of BBS that focuses on the darker side of the scene--hackers, crackers, phone phreaks, and software pirates--opens with a monologue from a portly aging biker called Bootleg with a great frizzy white beard and long hair, who sits astride a great black Harley taking drags from a cigarette.
Although a BBS computer can communicate with different types of computers, mismatched systems may not be able to realize the full benefit of the bulletin board's features.
In its simplest form, a BBS is a computer that has been left on and hooked to a phone line through a modem so that it can answer incoming calls from other computers.
You can get a list of environmental bulletin boards across North America and Europe--"The Green BBS List"--by down-loading it from the Earth Art BBS at (803) 552-4389, where the list originates.
Major Gateway/Internet receives messages from the BBS, either directly or via MHS.
Seagate established its BBS in February 1989, according to Bill Rudock, sysop for the Seagate BBS.
Meanwhile, some of the former employees of the BBS, who had resigned to join politics, told Business Bhutan that the announcement itself is baseless and vague.
As long as someone (Daisy) controlled quality (the size of the shot) through acceptance inspections, the problems of BBs getting jammed in shot tubes became a thing of the past.
When asked about Steven's performance one BBS employee said, "Steven has an excellent attitude both inside and out of the office.
The earliest BB machine guns were made to look like the famous Thompson subgun and are still widely used in fairs and similar public events where the public, for a dollar or so, can fire bursts of BBs at a paper target with a star as the "bull's-eye."
The Searcy, Arkansas, Police Department has implemented a program to use the state's first police department-operated computer bulletin board system (BBS) as an information gateway to the public.
Running a Perfect BBS (Que Books, $39.99) is a solid reference for beginners or veterans setting up a BBS.
The Thomases are the system operators (sysops) of an adults-only sexually oriented BBS in Milpitas, California.