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a portable rocket launcher used by infantrymen as an antitank weapon

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There has been lots of interest from scooping parlours and the flavour seems to be a hit with both children and parents who remember their Bazooka days with great affection.
Conor said about his proud dad: "Stuffing the Bazooka like a turkey.
bazooka might have got even closer to Poetic Choice that day had he been quicker off the mark, but, in any event, it is clear his days of running over the minimum trip are probably a thing of the past.
Bazooka 110cc Street Bike is featured with an adjacent side-car.
TSA TSA recovers inert bazooka round in bag at O'Hare.
The Bazooka provides a fine survey of the career of the bazooka and its importance in World War II, and is a pick for any military history holding focusing on equipment.
Boris Johnson In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Johnson said: "This idea that if we can find a big enough bazooka, we could blow away the problem by creating a euro government in which there will be shared fiscal responsibility, I'm afraid that really will, in the long term, and probably even in the short and medium term, simply exacerbate the problem.
Dubai A transit passenger faces six months in jail for terrorising passengers on board a Dubai-bound Emirates flight and endangering its safety by claiming that he had a bazooka.
The Iranian was flying to Dubai as a transit passenger when he claimed that he had a bazooka with him, thus endangering the flight's safety.
He told Serbian newspaper Blic: "Yes I did call them yesterday and I told them I was going to fire a bazooka on the ambassador's car.
Operating in 20 countries, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Confectionery develops, manufactures and markets some of the best-loved confectionery and gum brands, Bazooka, Beldent, Bubbaloo, Bubblicious, Cadbury, Certs, Chiclets, Clorets, Deemint, Dentyne, Halls, Mantecol, Sour Patch, Swedish Fish and Trident.
Let's take a look at the very different stories it tells about two infantry weapons: the Bazooka and the M16.
But one Eugene-style character will be part of the latest Bazooka Joe comics cast.
What he does not realize is that his boss, General Bazooka, is using Victoria to "sabotage and destroy" him.
After a brief interview in a missile-laden, airborne helicopter with a fictional Amin deputy, General Samson Bazooka Ondogar, Bat is given control over the country's power industry.