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a portable rocket launcher used by infantrymen as an antitank weapon

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He admitted in the public prosecution investigation that he had insulted the airlines staff and that his claim of possessing the bazooka had been a hoax.
The last three characters standing will join Bazooka Joe and other classic gang members in the strip's first new comics of the millennium.
The bazooka was discovered after police obtained a warrant to search his house.
Menconi was also helped from the outside, two or three accomplices used a fake bazooka to threaten guards.
There's a range of mad wheels, spoilers and bazooka exhausts as well, but looks like that front spoiler will meet its maker at the first speed hump.
Cadbury said the Mantecol takeover would give it three of Argentina's top ten-selling confectionery brands, including Beldent chewing gum and Bazooka bubble gum.
His colleague Dr James Reilly, who has taken a bazooka to the health service, is another minister who is out of touch with the realities of living on Austerity Island.
Shellshocked Italy chief John Kirwan reckons the only way Scotland can beat the English is if they can bring a BAZOOKA on to the field.
However, the narrowness of defeat for the man they call "Bazooka" - himself a former world champion, having once held the WBA belt - against one of boxing's few genuinely world class champions cut no ice with his home countrymen.
He said: "One individual's EUR100 ring that has ceremonial significance might be another individual's EUR200,000 to EUR300,000 'diamond bazooka'."
A huge cow-catcher grille, deep spoiler, massive wheelarch bulges, quadruple bazooka exhausts and brake cooling vents on front and rear are designed to make the Stuttgart limo look cool.
He said: "One individual's EUR100 ring that has ceremonial significance might be another individual's EUR200-EUR300,000 'diamond bazooka', that they regard as having a great deal more ceremony that the EUR100 ring.
I love the four bazooka exhaust pipes and the discreet S55 badges on the rump.
THE ECB yesterday launched its "big bazooka" promising to buy up billions of euro worth of debt in a move that could help win back Ireland's economic sovereignty.
But the bazooka, which is strapped on the user's back and fired from the shoulder, was the most terrifying.