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Synonyms for bayberry

deciduous aromatic shrub of eastern North America with grey-green wax-coated berries

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Look here," he said, pointing to a wisp of dried grass hung on a bayberry bush.
Effects of nitric oxide on reactive oxygen species and antioxidant capacity in Chinese Bayberry during storage.
These areas offer sika deer ample food sources such as bayberry, poison ivy and honeysuckle, which are some of the staples in their diet.
Some appropriate shrubs are summersweet, Virginia sweetspire, southern bayberry and winterberry holly.
Red bayberry has the potential to inhibit the CT production in V.
The 85-acre multi-family community offers townhouses starling at $233,450 for the Willow, $238,525 for the Heather, $243,595 for the Bayberry, and $253,750 for the Meadow.
Bayberry House Bed & Breakfast, Boothbay Harbor, Maine; Best for Romance in the World -- Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa, Moorea, French Polynesia; Best for Romance in the U.
Following the same Colonial-era process, Baker began making her own bayberry candles to give as Christmas gifts to friends and family.
That way you will be immune to misery-inducing scents like bayberry, new leather, sugar cookies and pine.
Species Common Name Scientific Name Acacia Long-spine Acacia macracantha Alder Seaside Alnus maritima Alder Speckled Alnus rugosa Anise-tree Yellow Illicium parviflorum Apple Prairie crab Maius ioensis Apricot Desert Prunus fremontii Ash Gregg Fraxinus greggii Bayberry Evergreen Myrica heterophylla Bayberry Southern Myrica cerifera Baycedar Suriana maritima Birch Kenai Betula papyrifera var.
Our blinds consisted of folding chairs nestled on the ground in between thick stands of bayberry, poison ivy, greenbrier, marsh grass, and phragmites (common reeds that look like giant cattails).
8125 Bayberry Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256, 800-223-8538, Fax: 904-737-5261, info.
Twenty-three scents are available, including Hot Toddy, an orange spice scent; First Snow bayberry aroma; Idyllic Refuge cinnamon apple fragrance; and Lake Tahoe Nights, which features a balsam grove aroma with a touch of green spruce.
The bayberry (Myrica cerifera) it contains is an astringent and tonic that has been used traditionally for mouth and gum problems.