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an oath of allegiance to an emir

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Bayat, who currently holds the Chair of Society and Culture of the Modern Middle East at Leiden University in The Netherlands, has penned a remarkable study.
The captors had no personal grudge against Arianzai,explained the rebel commander,who said the SAFMA office-bearer was kidnapped just because he was an active member of the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) and Bayat Foundation.
Earlier in March, Bayat said the country's petrochemical output is planned to hit 100 million tons by 2015.
Bin Bayat added that this would not be the company's last signing.
Bayat made the remarks, addressing Islamic figures residing in Italy on Saturday.
As the first new gas-fired power plant project in Afghanistan since the 1970s, Bayat Power Phase 1 will supply clean and reliable electricity, a first step to energy independence for the country.
Those that didn't follow the process may be cancelled and the applicants could lose their investments or have their citizenships revoked," said Bayat.
The flagship Solution for Scars cream was formulated by Manchester-based Dr Bayat, and Mr McGeorge, who is a graduate of the University of Manchester, and now trains aesthetic surgeons across the Manchester and Mersey regions.
Bayat ("taking hand") is sanctioned by "Verily, those who give thee their allegiance, they give it but to Allah Himself" Quran 48:10.
Our financial transaction systems are all developed domestically and impending US sanctions cannot affect them, Mohammad Morad Bayat, told Trend on July 16.
Othman al-Ghanmi discussed with the commander of the 10th Division of the US Army, Deputy Commander of Task Forces in Iraq, General Walter Bayat, cooperation and coordination between the two sides at the level of training, equipping and supporting the Iraqi army forces in the coming stage.
President Ghani was also present during the signing ceremony of the contract between Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (State Power Utility Firm) and Bayat Power Distribution Services Company.
(AFP) BANGKOK: An explosion tore through Nilofar Bayat's leg when she was just two, but as she spins her wheelchair across a basketball court in Bangkok, the Afghan sportswoman is determined to turn her story from tragedy to triumph.