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common Indian weaverbird

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'Besides Kampung Sri Bayas, other villages that have been flooded are Kampung Merbau Menyusut, and Kampung Tok Randuk, Pelong,' he said.
En esta investigacion de hicieron ensayos para proteger estados especificos del desarrollo de las bayas con aplicaciones de spinosad a la mayor concentracion recomendada comercialmente.
bayas, drupas o siconos), cuyos vectores de dispersion son animales (van der Pijl, 1972; Willson y Whelan, 1990; Chen et al., 2004).
The Lomas Bayas II project is extending the Lomas Bayas mine life to 2020 and will sustain production capacity at the recently expanded rate of 75,000 tonnes per annum of copper cathode.
Opening this weekend, the movie tells the story of an unlikely affair between Baya BenMahmoud (Sara Forestier), a young, idealistic, sexually damaged, and manipulative Arab beauty, and her apparent opposite, named Arthur Martin (Jacques Gamblin), a middle-aged Jewish ornithologist who has spent most of his life, "learning how not to talk about anything of substance" with his cloistered parents.