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an old Scottish coin of little value

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cash and bawbees, whisky and cigars, is a descriptive gauge of Brisbane's ruling aspirations" (The Curse a 19).
In fact, a great 90 per cent of Jocks, according to our Ruth, contribute nary a bawbee to the economy.
But take it from Kelvin and Quentin - and they are by no means the only ones - us Jocks exist entirely tax-free and never pay a single bawbee towards our own keep.
Not only was Brenda B playing a bawbee, Jim Broadbent was also given an airing over on the Beeb with the everexcellent John Simm also polished up for a three-night run.
There was even a St Andrew coin issued by Robert II and a bawbee Scots halfpenny marked with the same cross.
For smaller museums, the initiative is a boon, with awards of up to [pounds sterling]60,000 on offer, but such sums are bawbees compared to Glasgow's needs.
That canny scots attitude to minding the bawbees saw hampden stadium temporarily transformed into an athletics stadium for the games, thus saving millions by not building a brand new stadium for just a couple of weeks' competition.
The ageing Duke, short of a few bawbees to pay death duties, is offering us two of his Titians for pounds 50 million apiece.
How he has managed to win friends and influence people though has been in his devotion to the job, and the way he has made such a silk purse out of a sow's ear at a club where they don't have two bawbees to rub together.
An' some will gie [give] me beef an' bread, an' some will gie me cheese An' out among the weddin' folk, I git all the bawbees [halfpennies].
Bi no takin tent tae the ither wants, we hiv gien the idea that govrenment juist haes tae tax a bit bawbees intae dictionar projecks an Scots is sairtit.
Predictably, and with good reason, the Presbyterians have had a field day with the bawbees, but even at a final reckoning of [pounds sterling]431 million (roughly [pounds sterling]80 for every man, woman and child in Scotland), their first seat of government in over 300 years still weighs in at just over half the [pounds sterling]750 million squandered on the Millennium Dome (AR April 2000), which languishes unused and unloved on the Greenwich Peninsula, a bloated marquee without purpose or soul.
Simply buzz off to Scotland and bung what bawbees you have on the nags, for bookies in those parts are not as bookies elsewhere.
Ah jis cannae stand moanin' heidbangers gurnin aboot loosin' a few bawbees whan all yee've gotta dae is tae stop yer gulderin' and work taygether.