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Synonyms for baulk

the area on a billiard table behind the balkline

one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof


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refuse to comply

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After being contacted by the Sunday Mail, an Inside Track spokesman said: "Mr Baulk used to work as a consultant for us but we shall now be suspending him indefinitely.
Baulk, a self-employed property investor, bought 12 flats at the trendy Western Harbour development in June 2006.
We tried to contact Baulk to resolve the problem but he didn't return any of our calls.
pounds 650 & pounds 620 High Baulk, pounds 615 Hedley West Riding, pounds 595 Tarset Hall, pounds 592 Cornhills, pounds 590 Brownsleazes, pounds 580 High Baulk, pounds 575 Cornhills, pounds 570 & pounds 565 Horse Holme, pounds 560 Hollin Close, pounds 550 Horse Holme, pounds 540 High Baulk, pounds 530 Greyside, pounds 528 Cornhills, pounds 525 & pounds 520 Greyside, pounds 520 Redesmouth, pounds 515 Cornhills & Westerkirk.
pounds 610 Heatherslaw, pounds 552, pounds 535 (x2) & pounds 532 High Baulk, pounds 530 Blackhalls, pounds 515 Horse Holme, pounds 505 & pounds 490 Heatherslaw, pounds 475 The Follions, pounds 468 Hollin Close, pounds 455 Heatherslaw & High Baulk, pounds 452 & pounds 450 Heatherslaw, pounds 448 Tarset Hall, pounds 420 Hedley West Riding, pounds 405 Hollin Close, pounds 402 Tarset Hall.