baud rate

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(computer science) a data transmission rate (bits/second) for modems

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The basic system was tested for two values of baud rate (9600 and 4800) it shows a good functionality, while the improved system suffering from improper transmission because of the unpredictable environments existing in power line channel.
Data Transmission Effectiveness Based on Bus Length and Baud Rate
3V supply, fractional baud rate generator, PCI Bus Power Management 1.
A sixteen-channel link provides a baud rate of 50 Gbps and a maximum data transfer rate of 40 Gbps full duplex.
Even at this baud rate, spoken-word audio doesn't sound bad.
It is will work with virtually all modems and has a potential baud rate of 28.
Initial investment in a high baud rate can pay for itself.
Many times only the baud rate will need to be adjusted.
The most important difference among them is in the baud rate, the speed at which they send information.
Additionally, it measures loop attenuation and maps to the maximum baud rate.
Aim of the exercise is a unification of two constituent networks with currently different baud rates to a uniform, future-proof, redundant multi-master network with a baud rate of 1200 Bd.
MY9941: 4-channel, Differential Input, 4 times Baud Rate, Serial connection, Auto-addressing
These features include Vendor ID, Product ID, bus-powered mode, self powered mode, remote wakeup support or maximum power consumption values, and default baud rate settings.
It offers configurable flow control and FIFO access, as well as a baud rate customisable for different application requirements, with speeds up to 3Mb/s.
The DIPswitch can configure baud rate and hardware flow-control settings.