baud rate

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(computer science) a data transmission rate (bits/second) for modems

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It was possible to generate data with different baud rates according to the necessity may be imposed.
As expected under all baud rate conditions, the differential voltage signal attenuation increased as the baud rate increased.
A sixteen-channel link provides a baud rate of 50 Gbps and a maximum data transfer rate of 40 Gbps full duplex.
The hardware must be Hayes-compatible, and the faster the baud rate, the better.
Many times only the baud rate will need to be adjusted.
The most important difference among them is in the baud rate, the speed at which they send information.
A fast backplane bus with a high baud rate and efficient transmission protocol.
56MHz reader module kit provides a baud rate of 19,200bps and reads transponders at distances of up to 20cm depending on the size of antenna.
OB-based system or vehicle network and have a selectable baud rate from 20 kb/s to 1 Mb/s.
It offers configurable flow control and FIFO access, as well as a baud rate customisable for different application requirements, with speeds up to 3Mb/s.
The DIPswitch can configure baud rate and hardware flow-control settings.
Each Sprinter II also allows users to select Baud rate, produce multiple copies of print jobs, change a user's place in the queue, re-direct data to different printers, slect and change default printers, change time-out settings, and produce form feeds and title pages between documents.
Technicians can change the card addresses and their baud rate (speed of communications) at the valve site.
10 It Shall Be Possible To Configure The Gateway For Communication Media, Baud Rate And Gprs Settings I.