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I want to appeal the prime minister and Pakistan to not to make Jammu and Kashmir a battleground, but should try to make a friendly relation with the each other," Mufti said.
In fact, radio is the media platform used by the most millennial independents in the seven battleground states (94%) examined by Nielsen.
Winning also depends on our ability to conquer the philosophical battleground as well.
The Battleground format is simple and easy to use, with three primary modes for gamers: Instant Action, Direct Challenge and Tournaments.
A majority of polls in the battleground states - especially in the Midwestern states of Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio - showed Obama with a slight advantage, giving him an easier path to the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.
Water: Asia's New Battleground is a top recommendation for any college-level collection strong in Asian or natural resources issues, and tells how the issues of tomorrow's Asia may revolve around water rights.
THE WANTED BATTLEGROUND WITH their second album Battleground, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes aka The Wanted prove they're worthy contenders to steal the boyband crown away from counterparts Take That and JLS.
Phillips contended that Israel could have convinced parts of the European academic and media world of the justness of its cause "if it had understood over the many years that this has been going on that it is fighting on the battleground of the mind.
It also makes certain that a vote for president in my home state of Minnesota always counts as much as a vote in the frequent battleground state of Florida.
Lebanon is a battleground which external powers do not allow to be turned into a state," Fadlallah said during his Friday sermon.
The Battleground series provides references to inform debate on major issues in the US, and the topic of these volumes is the impact of religion on modern social and political issues.
In Battleground, director William Wellman does for the Belgian front what he did for the fighting in Italy in The Story of G.
Forget political battlegrounds, Michigan has become the battleground state for direct shipment issues.
Mr McCain was speaking as the latest average of polls showed his Democratic rival Barack Obama has a clear six-point lead nationally, with the edge in most of the battleground states.