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a light long-handled racket used by badminton players

an ancient racket game

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Of which sport was the game battledore a forerunner?
On balance, Kierkegaard's notion that "[o]ne who has perfected himself in the twin arts of remembering and forgetting is in a position to play at battledore and shuttlecock with the whole of existence" seems to capture Garcia Marquez's effort to reevaluate the importance of memory in late modernity (1: 234).
No games were to be allowed other than cricket, rounders, trapball, battledore, quoits, gymnastics, and archery - whilst bathing was explicitly prohibited.
6) She did apparently have good hand-eye coordination, based on her feats at "bilbocatch," (7) and she enjoyed taking part in games with her nephews and nieces, including battledore and shuttlecock, reporting in a letter of 1805 that she had been practicing with six-year-old nephew William and they had "frequently kept it up three times, & once or twice six" (109).
Badminton was first played by British military officers in the Indian town of Poona in the 19th Century when they added a net to the ancient game of battledore (bat) and shuttlecock.
Which racquet game was developed from the children's game of Battledore and Shuttlecock?
There will also be the chance to find out more about Yorkshire traditions such as Easter skipping and battledore and shuttlefeather 'fortune telling' as well as simple colouring activities.
He bought a battledore and shuttlecock set--a variant of badminton--and played a vigorous game with Major Lowell and ambulance drivers (Letter to Edward Bates, 28 April 1918).
The game of battledore was the forerunner of which modern sport?
Facsimiles of hornbooks (1) and their successor, the battledore, are examined here within the context of a selection of contemporaneous English language alphabet books from the Library's rare Children's Literature Collection.
As Diana put it, "De Gaulle and Winston were playing battledore with Duff as the shuttlecock.
Arthur's trio on Town Moor are hurdler Mid Day, novices' chaser Pravona and Battledore in the long-distance chase.
The faces of American League MVP Ichiro Suzuki, Crown Princess Masako and Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi reflect this year's news on decorative battledores, as seen at the annual battledore fair that began Monday in Tokyo's Taito Ward.
But lemme tell ye, Peter," Annie growled, "he ain't playin' such battledore an' cockleshell wid me
May I take up the dialectic battledore which you have just laid down?