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He said: "He was advising an Afghan general up in Sangin, he entered into a compound which had significant battle damage on it and I know the tell-tale signs of where IEDs are planted by insurgents and I wanted him out of there and the only way I could get him out of there was to go in and get him.
The organization added that the building showed extensive battle damage.
Maj Olthoff and Capt Sisler directed their element lead to conduct a battle damage check on their aircraft and executed the appropriate checklists before splitting from the formation.
Designed for strategic missions such as border surveillance, battle damage assessment, intelligence preparation of battlefield, combat assessment and humanitarian aid, United 40 can take off with 2,000kg on board.
The Eagle Vision stations located across the world collect imagery from commercial satellites that are used for intelligence preparation of the battle space; mission planning and rehearsal; predictive battle space awareness; battle damage assessment; natural disasters and catastrophic events.
They conducted damage control tasks to simulate the ship sustaining battle damage, including fire fighting and sea survival skills.
See Note 2 in Appendix D of IETM 9-1025-215-24&P, Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR).
The assault has become the bloodiest incident in the 11-month uprising - although Mr Wood said the new images appear to show the city almost abandoned, with no obvious signs of fresh battle damage.
The ship had been damaged previously by NATO air strikes, but careful battle damage assessment indicated the ship retained an offensive capability.
ISAF confirmed that "civilians were discovered in the vehicles following the airstrike during a battle damage assessment", but added they have taken steps to ensure that such things do not happen in the future.
Besides, instead of ejecting from a catastrophic failure or from battle damage, the crew stays with aircraft to the ground.
And while the fleet's largest ship is engaged, she is also part of an emergency and battle damage.
The Eitan "will likely be used to provide prestrike information on targets, to eavesdrop on electronic communications and to send battle damage assessments back after an attack," the report added.
TiGRNET obtains this information by providing convoy leaders with a platform to enter post-mission reports and attach digital photos and videos and by providing access for intelligence Soldiers to update data on recent construction and battle damage along convoy routes.
The multifunction system will be capable of providing targeting information for laser- and GPS/INS-guided weapons, and of providing tactical reconnaissance and battle damage assessment services, he adds.
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