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(baseball) a measure of a batter's performance

(an extension of the baseball term) the proportion of times some effort succeeds

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In 40 appearances between Iowa and Double-A Tennessee last season, Norwood went 2-3 with two saves and a 2.50 ERA (14 ER/50.1 IP) while limiting opponents to a .202 batting average.
runs running run rr relish r 1 Test, batting average 38.50 JOE ROOT (C) 9 Class act looked tired after World Cup and much rests on his shoulders.
Zaman's batting average over the last 26 ODIs is 29.34 - that's 16.36 runs less than his career average.
According to the Elias Sports Bureau, 21 players In major-league history finished their careers with a 1.000 batting average with a hit in a single at-bat.
Kang's batting average went down from .231 to .176.
the results don't always bear that out, at least in recent years." (4) In contrast to what Catania found, Figure 4 shows (at least recently) that pitchers have an advantage over hitters in terms of batting average during the early stages of a season.
The Brewers star is considered the favorite because of an astonishing .770 slugging rate after the All-Star break, on top of a league-best .326 batting average, ( per
The Australian cricketer continues to hold a number of records, including those of highest career batting average, highest series batting average, highest ratio of centuries and double centuries per innings played, among others.
He said the Duterte administration managed to implement 43 out of the 75 big-ticket infrastructure projects in just two years, which he said was a 'a pretty good batting average.'
His current batting average 57.20 is second best among all the batsmen who have batted at least 30 innings in one-day-internationals.
Loyola Marymount has five players batting .327 or better led by second baseman Phil Caulfield at .369 and shortstop Spencer Erdman at .350 for a team batting average of .296.
The 29-year-old, also Haddin's understudy for New South Wales, has a fine first-class record - with a batting average of more than 44, including a double-century.
While his batting average is under 20, he is a match winner on his day, swinging the 2009 ICC WORLDT20 final against Sri Lanka with an unbeaten 54.
The 1906 team is remembered in history as the "Hitless Wonders" for becoming World Series champions despite hitting only seven home runs all year and compiling the worst batting average in the American League and the second-worst of all sixteen major league teams.