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Synonyms for battery

Synonyms for battery

group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place

a collection of related things intended for use together

a unit composed of the pitcher and catcher

a series of stamps operated in one mortar for crushing ores

the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target

an assault in which the assailant makes physical contact

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Also, be aware that a dead memory battery might leak.
This Research Service covers various technologies that can be used in conjunction with a battery to specifically extend its cycle life.
The battery costs about $80 and will recharge itself if your PLGR is connected to external power, or you can remove the battery to recharge it.
The production and sales of China's battery industry maintained a high-speed growth in 2004.
The difference is within, and in the much greater energy generated by the super-iron battery.
They are the least expensive per unit of power provided, are most readily available, are being fully recycled at a rate of more than 95 percent, and they provide better or comparable power density to the other technologies," said Graham Spurling, president and CEO of Atlanta- based GNB Battery Technologies.
As an energy source, the battery is one of the most important accessories for mobile phones.
Lithium battery fires should only be handled by trained firefighters.
Although the technology for rechargeable alkaline batteries has been around for years, the Renewal alkaline battery incorporates completely new patented construction and components.
In addition to Energizer[R] MAX[R], Energizer eU Lithium and Energizer eU Rechargeables, Energizer's portfolio of products also includes Energizer[R] eU([R]) Titanium Technology([R]), the longest lasting AA/AAA Alkaline Battery in High Tech Music Devices and Electronic Games.
Also, they will not sit as well in your battery compartment.
Rayovac, one of the nation's top battery brands, has identified two main reasons why consumers have not been purchasing rechargeable batteries at a high rate since their introduction to the marketplace in 1996.
The zinc-air battery is made of two 12 volt strings which can be wired in parallel to provide 56Ah at 12 volts or wired in series to provide 27 Ah at 24 volts.
When it's time to replace your battery, making the right choice will give your car the power it needs and give you peace of mind that the battery will perform without much attention from you.
HYBRIO also boasts improved and prolonged shelf life, retaining up to 85 percent capacity after one year, even if the battery is unused.