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Synonyms for batter

Synonyms for batter

to injure or damage, as by abuse or heavy wear

Synonyms for batter

a liquid or semiliquid mixture, as of flour, eggs, and milk, used in cooking

strike against forcefully

Related Words

strike violently and repeatedly

make a dent or impression in

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48) The study involved 314 incidents of domestic violence, each randomly assigned to one of three experimental conditions: mandatory arrest of batterers upon reasonable suspicion, counseling by officers, or temporary separation of the parties with the threat of arrest for future incidents.
Midway during the 15-minute argument, the researchers interrupted the argument at 71/2 minutes and randomly assigned the male batterer to one of three conditions: 1) a time out; 2) a request to edit out the negative, where he makes the same points in a more neutral fashion; or, 3) a request to accept influence, where he listens to the female's ideas, trusts that the partner may be right and validates her idea even if his idea is different.
92) Yet, batterers tend to believe that their views are superior to those of other individuals.
Several treatment approaches have been developed to address the distinctly different needs of female batterers (Heyman & Schlee, 2003; Larance, 2006; Leisring, Dowd, & Rosenbaum, 2003).
survivor, and emphasizing that violence is a choice and the batterer is
Victims talk about the abuse they suffered, why they did not end the relationship, and why they still love their batterers.
Researchers in the Broward study, however, found that batterers who were employed or married, owned their homes, or otherwise had a stake in the community were less likely to reoffend.
The study reported in this article investigated the pretreatment level of moral reasoning of 92 African American and white batterers beginning court-mandated treatment and whether the current standardized treatment program was effective in altering the level of moral reasoning of these batterers.
Incarceration is a sentencing option being used for domestic batterers with increasing frequency.
In Missouri, steps are being taken to protect and provide services to domestic violence victims--both women and children--as well as to hold batterers accountable for their behavior and help them break the cycle of violence.
Myth: Batterers are chronically angry, violent individuals who are abusive across settings and situations.
This paper discusses the assessment of males who commit domestic violence crimes, referred to as batterers.
They do resemble him--or he resembles them; undoubtedly human batterers came first in the metaphysical fossil record -- but the resemblance is nothing to celebrate.
First, counseling programs for batterers already exist in many communities and in some jurisdictions already play a role in the judicial response to convictions for domestic assaults.