baton twirler

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someone who twirls a baton

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Singers, dancers, gymnasts, baton twirlers and comedians had everything crossed for a positive result and a pass to the next stage of auditions.
A 16-year-old high school baton twirler complained of longstanding low back pain, which usually occurred after she engaged in tumbling or twirling exercises and subsided by the time she went to bed.
Breakdancers, belly dancers, and baton twirlers, twenty-eight in all, turned out for a Cirque du Soleil dance audition, one of ninety-five auditions Cirque holds around the country each year.
A very high-quality baton twirler," Uncle Harris went on.
All except for Mindy, a ditzy baton twirler who is the world's worst math student.
He gets his former baton twirler Bridget Fonda to get close to Ulrich but while he is busy planning merchandise, albums and book deals, Fonda falls for the healer and tries to protect him both from Walken and from a bizarre ultra-right wing religious group.
Hill sends Lynn (Bridget Fonda), who used to be a baton twirler for him in Georgia, to the rehab center to find out if Juvenal is on the level.
These monologues include a baton twirler, a fundamentalist snake handler, an ex-rodeo rider and an actress willing to go to any length to get a job.
The former baton twirler was recruited by both USC and UCLA but ultimately chose Oregon, because she didn't want to get lost in the flood of top-notch talent that typically flows to those schools.
Among the "ordinary people" sharing the honours this year are a baton twirler, a retired milkman and a shoe shiner.
And, when she was only 13, she was rated sixth-best baton twirler in the world.
I stared at the fire eater, then the baton twirler," Letuli said.
Baton twirler Donald Garcia threw his stick for 10 full circle spins and then caught it again
Barrigan, a baton twirler from the age of 5, learned to dance with her high-school marching band and color guard and was later a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins.
I HAVE gifted pounds 150 to the Easter Handicapped Club, Glasgow; and pounds 100 to Jo- ann Robertson, 17, of Kilwinning, British freestyle baton twirler.