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Synonyms for bathyscaph

navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration

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Kosolapov said the navy would examine ways to bring the vessel, also called a bathyscaph, to the surface and that nine warships were in the area to aid the rescue operation.
Jacques Picard then descended to the lowest point on the ocean floor in 1960 with his Bathyscaph.
In 1960, Auguste's son, Jacques, took a super submarine called a bathyscaph (after the Greek for ``deep boat'') to the bottom of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific - the deepest point on the earth's surface.
Walsh and unveil - for the first time ever in public - the authentic Rolex Deepsea timepiece that survived the nearly 36,000-foot descent inside the submersible bathyscaph TRIESTE piloted by the naval officer.
6542 that belonged to Don Walsh, a Lieutenant of the US Navy and Officer-in-Charge of the Navy's Bathyscaph Trieste.