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measuring the depths of the oceans

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Examples of the bathymetry and sea ice concentration images are provided (Fig.
The bathymetry of these lakes could be mapped accurately to the depth equivalent to the maximum ice thickness.
We were able to determine the bathymetry of the lake out to a depth of about 8 meters," he said.
Much to the chagrin of NOAA officials, who expected their maps to be widely available to the public, the Navy and the Defense Mapping Agency have argued that NOAA's detailed EEZ bathymetry data should be classified secret.
How the new coastal blue spectral band will enhance bathymetry studies for sea floors, coastal plains and waterways, discriminate features of the shallow ocean floor more accurately and increase the scope of coastal remote sensing applications--improving the safety of marine navigation and providing much needed insight into the ever changing marine environment.
Tenders are invited for conducting bathymetry survey to assess silt quantity at shetrunji reservior, bhavnagar, gujarat
The contract requires Applied Signal Technology (AST) to provide a real-time, low power InSAS system that provides high resolution imagery and bathymetry, and which fits existing medium-to-large autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).
Tenders are invited for Conducting Bathymetry And Topographic Survey At Kamorta And Campbell Bay At K&Gn In A&N Islands
Due to its autonomous, bottom-following operational mode, the REMUS 6000 is able to carry a payload to great depth in order to measure ocean water characteristics, including conductivity, temperature, chemical composition, and map and image the seabed through bathymetry, side scan sonar, magnetics, gravimetry and photography.
Perform bathymetry within and adjacent to Port waterways.
Topography, bathymetry, major towns, cities and rivers
Tenders are invited for Carry Out Bathymetry Survey In The Proposed Site For Extension Of Breakwater At Campbell Bay In Great Nicobar Island In A And N Islands
That work included surveys with sub-bottom profiling with boomer and sparker arrays, bathymetry, vertical gradient magnetometry and sampling.
The C3D(TM) system combines high resolution imagery and wide swath bathymetry for unprecedented bottom mapping, image interpretation, and a 3-dimensional look at the seafloor.