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large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth

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The Tectonic Setting and Origin of Cretaceous Batholiths Within the North American Cordillera: The Case for Slab Failure Magmatism and Its Significance for Crustal Growth
Based on field relationships and geochronological data, McLeod (1990) divided the Saint George Batholith into the following units from oldest to youngest (Fig.
In this contribution we present new U-Pb LA-ICP-MS zircon geochronology data and geochemistry reconnaissance from the Mocoa Batholith and Saldana Formation in southern Colombia.
2008), this region is occupied by the large Kursiai batholith with a few minor plutons made up of a suite of dominantly charnockitic granitoid rocks (mangerite, enderbite, opdalite, charnockite and granite).
The regional gradient shows a local smoothing over the Pedroches batholith, which is a NW-SE-trending formation of acidic plutonic rocks (e.
a) Karakoram Metamorphic Complex, b) Karakoram Batholith and c) The Northern Karakoram Terrane.
Crustal origin of Hercynian peraluminous granitic batholiths of central Spain: petrological, geochemical and isotopic (Sr, Nd) constraints.
The volcanic geology of the mid-arc island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles; the surface expression of an island arc batholith.
Because it cannot be plumbed, every batholith is also an abyssolith.
Maria Jose is located in the Department of Ancash and the project includes Cretaceous to Paleocene diorites and granitoids of the Coastal Batholith.
CuOro is a base and precious metals exploration and development company whose flagship Santa Elena copper project is a porphyry and poly-metallic deposit located in the Antioquia Batholith district.
Mineralization is hosted by strongly foliated diorite intrusive rocks, emplaced along a regional scale shear zone and in contact with the Coastal Batholith.
The sediments have been intruded by the Silurian Bega Batholith, which outcrops to the east of the EL.
From El Baul granitoid units, Mogote Granite has been considered the external mass of the batholith [1].
The rocks of the area include massive granitic outcrops of the batholith of Parguaza, of Precambrian age, whose weathering produced layers of bauxite, with acid, poor and very evolved soils.