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One morning, an elderly local, resplendent in bathing trunks, told me how a turtle had been up on the beach earlier.
The swimming shorts start at dhs690 and come in plain pastels through to every conceivable loud pattern and colour, including a "Like Father - Like Son", miniature version of daddy's bathing trunks for boys from six months.
I swam to him underwater and pulled down his bathing trunks.
Knives are thrown; limbs are chopped off; breasts and bottoms are bared; and live ferrets are deposited into bathing trunks.
I HAVE spent the last ten days in Thailand, a country in which XXL bathing trunks are designed for people with 32-inch waists, and girls of ten drive mopeds carrying three younger siblings, while their former Prime Minister left the country with enough money to buy Manchester City Football Club.
Liverpool's own Graham Bickley plays Dexter in a laid-back, sympathetic fashion while Paul Robinson as reporter Mike is a real ladies' favourite, particularly when he strips to bathing trunks for one scene.
The central character, Ben Trotter, is fixated by a girl he sees on the school bus, worries about losing his bathing trunks before his swimming lesson and pronounces with authority about obscure tracks on Led Zeppelin albums.
It was a circus atmosphere, complete with a big-top tent (set up next to the Standard Hotel), and there were all kinds of clowns - from drag queens in evening gowns to men in plume-accented hats, buff male models in ``Spartacus''-inspired bathing trunks, the Little Twin Stars wearing boxer shorts and metallic gold stars pasted on their chests, followed by Hello Kitty herself as the ``bride.
More than 350 swimmers, 100 more than last year, braved the chill to don their bathing trunks and costumes for a festive seaside dip on Christmas morning, the 38th time it has been held.
Two hours later we run into each other on the beach: I'm in a restaurant, fully clothed; he is bronzed, lying on a chaise on the sand, in pink bathing trunks.
She was a seamstress and we were laughing away about how she always made the whole street bathing trunks because we couldn't afford to buy them ourselves.
ATHE polite thing to have done would have been to remove your own bathing trunks.
The Greek Maestro Dimitri Mitropoulos often posed in his bathing trunks for professional photographers.
Still, I had prepared for this moment; I was wearing my bathing trunks under my pants.
Ladies swooned, apparently, when Daniel Craig emerged from the sea wearing these bathing trunks.