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immersing the body in water or sunshine

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9% of all 93 coastal bathing waters in the country have met the mandatory water quality in 2013.
Coastal performed slightly better than inland bathing waters, the data shows.
Human beings have always given importance to "Baths" used for bathing and cleaning as well as curing purposes with thermal and mineral water resources.
STYLISH: Merlyn's bath screens can help transform a relaxing bathing space into a contemporary shower zone within seconds
With a deep bathing area, the 1700mm shower bath is larger at the top end to create quite the spacious showering experience and is available in both left and right hand to easily fit into any bathroom shape.
The warm hall (al-wastani) contains glass holes for illumination, a lime stones-paved bath and small rooms for the bathing tools, in addition to a water tank on the roof.
Almost 96% of coastal bathing areas and 92% of freshwater bathing sites complied with quality standards during the 2008 bathing season.
Products include a bamboo and cotton body buff, a loofah bath sponge, a soft bamboo bath sponge and a bathing sponge made of recycled plastic.
It may be that the beginning of bathing action lies in prehistoric times, and baths were formed in any closed places, such as caves, huts, or tents (Brodner 1983).
69) It was during the 1870s and 1880s that there was also a rejuvenation of interest in Bath's Roman past, with a series of key archaeological excavations that captured the public's imagination and led most spectacularly to the rediscovery of the Great Bath in 1880-1, and the exposure of the adjacent bathing complex.
The specially designed suction cups combined with the mat's extra large 39ins x 16ins (100cm x 40cm) size give you and your family extra protection when bathing.
Despite the recovery in the economy, not everyone is able to afford [yen]200,000 to take the kids to a mountainside onsen for a couple of days; yet hot spring bathing is deeply rooted in Japanese culture.
Editor's Note: The following information is provided to describe the various kinds of bathing equipment and transfer devices commonly used in the long term healthcare environment, as well as typical methods used to effectively and safely use them.
And, of course, the Japanese long have known the value of relaxed bathing and to this day practice sensual bathing rituals.