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Synonyms for bathhouse

a building containing dressing rooms for bathers

a building containing public baths


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Researcher Abdul-Hamid Mushallah said that al-Sulayba is the most important neighborhood in Idleb which consists of several alleys embracing various druggist shops and some deep-rooted handicrafts in addition to ancient bathhouses such as al-Zahiriya and al-Saghera.
Abdul Rahman's bathhouse is one of eight remaining public baths struggling for survival in this old part of the Arab world's most populous and sprawling capital.
Construction quay wall and jetty at the bathhouse quay in the municipality of amsterdam
The bathhouse is often called "Shirin" (Sweet) as the tea here was given together with sweets.
Hokkaido Prefectural Police arrested the man Wednesday after he entered the Sapporo bathhouse around 9 p.
The bathhouse statues hear the singing of a hundred golden birds beneath the water.
According to a Farsi report by IMNA, in the past, a number of factors were taken into consideration when constructing a bathhouse and designing its spaces.
The majority of the Hale Bathhouse was built in 1892, making it the oldest of the bathhouses on the city's famed Bathhouse Row.
McNally was clever enough to make fun of those positions through his satire set in a New York bathhouse, bringing together both the gay habitue and the befuddled straight viewer.
After all, that red sandstone bathhouse and vast pool date back to the late 1880s--right after the town of Glenwood Springs was founded.
Camilo GEmez-Rivas;a special section on Iraqi playwright and director Jawad al-Assadi which features Baghdadi Bathhouse , a play trans.
The Azbekeya Misdemeanour Court acquitted the 26 men of the charges of "debauchery" and "organising same-sex orgies" following claims on Iraqi's show that men at the bathhouse were there for homosexual activities.
Cairo: An Egyptian appeals court on Monday rejected the prosecution's challenge of an earlier verdict clearing 26 local men of practising homosexuality in a public bathhouse in a case that has drawn international attention.
This bathhouse is quite known in that particular country.
Yet at one time this bathhouse had formed an essential part of my weekly routine.