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bottom-dweller of warm western Atlantic coastal waters having a flattened scaleless body that crawls about on fleshy pectoral and pelvic fins

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After spending time in quarantine, the batfish will go into the aquarium's giant 250,000 litre coral reef display - close to 1,000 times the size of its previous home.
A top 10 choice in the fish category is a pancake batfish that lives in waters either partially or fully encompassed by the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Giant Trevally, Bigeye Trevally, Rainbow Runners and Batfish are among others species that tend to prefer the water surface.
All are taken from sustainable stocks only Fish in the tanks include the parrot fish, the humphead wrasse, blacktip reef sharks, brightly coloured fusiliers, the small Red Sea fairy baslet, batfish and an intriguing leopard shark, among others.
To get really up close and personal you should don diving gear and take a stroll with the cute batfish, the friendly-faced bullethead parrotfish and even the odd blacktip reef shark, which is apparently harmless and doesn't deserve the bad press usually accorded to the species.
Nora the batfish, who is the size of a dinner plate, was donated to Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium in time for Halloween.
USS Batfish & War Memorial Park Muskogee, (918) 682-6294.
With its Pinocchio-like snout, scruffy white whiskers, and Arrest-Me Red lips, this rosy-lipped batfish couldn't look more bizarre.
This morning we descend through a tightly packed shoal of sea bream, or perche d'or, who rest in the shade cast by our Zodiak, then down beyond them, through a phalanx of batfish, steely and triangular as arrowheads.
An earlier version called the Batfish was designed in Canada.
Snorkeling or diving, you'll see hundreds of species of fish, including manta rays, batfish, moray eels, barracuda, whitetip shark--though you'll have a better chance of seeing larger fish if you dive.