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the serial execution of computer programs

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Any process that has a wide spot in the manufacturing line--material is held for any time period--the process is a batch process.
PPG's investment in the new batch process is intended to meet customers' needs for small quantities and made-to-order products, such as military-specified coatings, PSV polysiloxanes, and PPG's MEGASEALTM flooring coatings.
The following steps are normally taken to build a batch process to generate a monthly report of use taxes due to various states:
PlantTriage performs 46 assessments on every controller on each batch process.
Batch process management lets users reuse code, recipes, phases, and logic between processes with similar procedures.
Second, it performs heating and vacuum drying simultaneously in separate stations, transforming a batch process into a continuous one that keeps pace with the processing machine.
With Release 6 deployment, most implementation of documents is now performed in DSAMS using an overnight batch process, although the manual change case status process is still available.
SoftBase's Database Rely, Data Generation Facility, Database Attach and Query Error Handler assist enterprise companies to maintain data integrity, handle batch process errors, and ensure that critical processes remain running.