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the serial execution of computer programs

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0] is the initial value of the process states, V(x) is the Lyapunov function used in designing the controller under continuous operation and Equation (11) is the model describing the evolution of the state x under batch operation.
The current pasteurization technique is a batch operation.
There are downsides to a batch operation, such as the need for a large sorting area with the requisite equipment and more labor in the order assembly process.
For metalcasting facilities, particularly lower-volume operations, it often is logical to have a buffer of inventory near shakeout, which is between a batch operation (pouring) and individual piece operations (grinding).
The new release comes with options including Batch Operation, which allows the remote user to perform all batch control and logging operations; User Screens, allowing remote creation, display, and modification of custom screens; and File Explorer, allowing remote viewing and manipulation of instrument files.
Where the utilization of a very costly piece of capital equipment is more valuable than the cost of carrying inventory, or when a process demands batch operation, it may make more sense to divide the cell in two; one cell with those steps taking place before the operation and another with those steps taking place after the operation.
To protect our customer's confidentiality, only a general description of the batch operation will be provided.
The 1ND780batch is said to be a flexible controller providing both manual (materials added by hand) batch operation or fully-automated (machine controlled) batching control.
It is a powerful and flexible standalone terminal for single or multi-scale batching applications and can provide both manual batch operation or fully automated batching control.
In many instances direct hardening methods have not been packaged adequately for shop floor use; when they are, they often lack the flexibility needed for small batch operation.
To make the contrast more effective, we will assume a continuous operation delivering 100 kg/hr (figure 1) versus a singular batch operation utilizing a 1500 liter vessel (figure 2).
The mass file morphing process can also be done together with the file format converting; users can apply all selected morphing settings to all selected files and save them in any selected file format, in one batch operation.
Delivering optimum refrigerated airflow, the unit can run for periods of up to a month between defrosting and incorporates a number of features to enable continuous, semi continuous or batch operation frozen production.