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the serial execution of computer programs

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For a given initial condition and operating conditions, the solution to Equations (10) and (11) only determines (not guarantees) whether the state trajectory during batch operation passes through the stability region under continuous operation.
The most important consideration in choosing a simulation system is whether it can accurately model your specific batch operation.
Recent developments have improved beat transfer from gas to product along the length of the tunnel, leading to more efficient and consistent freezing Customers can benefit from reduced waste, improved quality, improved productivity and eliminated batch operation, thereby reducing labour requirements.
Blender/emulsifier systems come closer to continuous operation because only the blender is a batch operation.
In many instances direct hardening methods have not been packaged adequately for shop floor use; when they are, they often lack the flexibility needed for small batch operation.
Time, temperature, settling, wear, dust control, head pressure, handling, and heat generation can have long term impact that will not be seen in the developmental or small batch operation.
To make the contrast more effective, we will assume a continuous operation delivering 100 kg/hr (figure 1) versus a singular batch operation utilizing a 1500 liter vessel (figure 2).
Both loss-in-weight and volumetric models are offered for continuous or batch operation.
Leading batch operation tool now guides batch-to-continuous R&D and Engineering efforts
Interestingly enough, solid dosage facilities have always been made deliberately for batch operation, even for single product lines.
Suitable for both continuous and batch operation, the mills are equipped with stationary or mobile support units that guarantees simple dismantling and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
Batch operation, which has really only become feasible with the advent of solid-state, medium-frequency furnaces, is actually a more electrically efficient operating method because the cold charge responds to the magnetic flux better than molten metal.
The mass file morphing process can also be done together with the file format converting; users can apply all selected morphing settings to all selected files and save them in any selected file format, in one batch operation.
Limited space and batch operation have curtailed the length of culture time and the cell densities attainable.
The benefits to customers of using these solutions include: higher production rates by reducing waste and improving quality, improved productivity by increasing the flexibility of the heat removal process for different product runs and helping to eliminate batch operation thereby reducing labour requirements.