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Synonyms for batch

Synonyms for batch

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

Synonyms for batch

all the loaves of bread baked at the same time

a collection of things or persons to be handled together

batch together

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In a statement on its website, Durex said it initiated the product recalls in the domestic market on August 1, 2018 and gave assurances that there is no immediate safety concern as only those three batches were affected.
She created Batch, with backing from venture capital firm Montage Ventures, as an opportunity for smaller brands, some of whom were using the pop-up retail model, to sell directly to consumers in a home-like setting.
Experion Batch solves this issue and allows operators to do more with less," he said.
Grocers can promote batch cooking as a way for their customers to cut time in the kitchen as well as a way to ensure healthy meals for themselves and their families.
* Protect the new batch plant from the weather, including heated aggregate storage for all-season production;
Since the controller performance is closely related to the quality and product yield of industrial products, some scholars have analyzed the ILC controller performance of batch processes.
The next property gives the range of [mathematical expression not reproducible] needed to be considered in the DP recursive equations to find an optimal solution of the NLBP when batch processing cost [mathematical expression not reproducible] is charged instead of unit processing cost [mathematical expression not reproducible].
3, the batch joins other jubilarians at Tatak Asul, the Ateneo de Manila Grand Alumni Homecoming.
Munson Machinery's Model 700-TH-40-SS Sanitary Rotary Batch Coater/Blender gently blends coffees, teas and liquid flavourings in parts as small as one per million with complete uniformity in less than three minutes, evacuates the entire batch, and can be sanitized rapidly with no tools.
As the batch is processed the tag shows an identity to be linked to the data and to the critical events unique to its processing journey.
A batch processing machine (BPM) is one in which can simultaneously process several jobs in a batch.
The Foundation Business Incubator at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship has recently completed the scouting and induction process for its second batch of startups.
With heat capacities ranging from 90-272kg/hr, FOODesign's cutting-edge batch fryer optimises output while offering unrivalled levels of performance and reliability.