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a yellow-to-brown mineral that is a source of rare earth elements

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According to the Company, it has been known for decades that Rare Earth mineralization occurs on other areas of its property in the form of various Rare Earth bearing carbonate and phosphate minerals, including both Bastnasite and Monazite.
Although the primary ore body that has been mined at Mountain Pass for the last 57 years contains economically recoverable heavy Rare Earth elements such as Dysprosium and Terbium, and the Company intends to produce certain heavy Rare Earth products (including Dysprosium and Terbium) from that deposit, it is primarily a Bastnasite deposit.
Discovered in 1949, bastnasite was mined on a limited basis from 1952 to 1965.
The ore minerals are bastnasite, uranopyrochlore, sulphides, barite, and fluorite.
The sulfide-rich carbonatite orebody, which is quite interesting geologically, contains large quantities of massive bastnasite and is considered to be the second largest rare-earth deposit in China.
Other associated minerals include calcite, dolomite, analcime, fluorite and weloganite, and very rarely also baddeleyite, dachiardite-Na, mordenite and bastnasite.
but also relative exotica like gem zoisite, pargasite, ilmenite, bastnasite and parisite.
Besides the predictably excellent bastnasite crystals, there were lustrous black, platy ilmenite crystals to 6 cm; sharp, dark brown, incomplete tetrahedral crystals of genthelvite to 3 cm on edge; fine rutile as toenail-size, brilliant twins; and even a thumbnail crystal of the exceedingly rare baotite almost the equal, I'd say, of the one pictured in the article on Zagi Mountain.
Chalcopyrite, bismuthinite, bastnasite and rarely linneite occur with the allanite-(Ce).
Zagi Mountain and related sites near Peshawar on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan have recently begun to produce what are probably the finest specimens of bastnasite, xenotime, and baotite known.
In recent decades, the Trimouns quarry has become well known as a source of outstanding crystals of several rare earth element-bearing minerals, including familiar species such as allanite, parisite and bastnasite, as well as very rare ones such as hingganite, iimoriite and dissakisite.
5-cm bastnasite crystal perched on an 8 X 10-cm feldspar matrix, showing some transparency.
de] booth, was a beautiful 5 x 20 mm xenotime crystal on a 7 x 10-cm matrix from the Zegi Mountain bastnasite locality in Pakistan, marked 61,200.