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a yellow-to-brown mineral that is a source of rare earth elements

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Bastnaesite, a low-thorium mineral (dominated by lanthanum,
The REEs are primarily contained in the minerals yttrofluorite, cerofluorite, and bastnaesite, which are very fine-grained and disseminated throughout the rhyolite mainly in microfractures, voids, and coatings on predominantly alkali feldspar phenocrysts.
The Reserve will be reported according to the 2012 JORC Code and Guidelines and will be centred on the weathered Bastnaesite Zone portion of the greater Ngualla rare earth deposit that is targeted for first production.
bastnaesite production base in Sichuan with bastnaesite of Mianning and Sichuan as their raw materials.
Drilling focused on the Bastnaesite Zone, mineralogically the most favourable area of the greater Ngualla deposit and identified for initial production.
Bastnaesite is the main rare earth mineral present at Wigu Hilt, making up 95% of the rare earth mineralization.
1953) The crystallography of bastnaesite, parisite, roentgenite and synchysite.
s Mountain Pass rare earths mine in San Bernardino County got a temporary permit to mine bastnaesite ore for a three-month period starting in December 1999.
3 tonne bulk sample of weathered Bastnaesite Zone mineralisation from Ngualla.
The wide-range of gemstones including sapphires from Kashmir, emeralds from Swat, rubies from the northern areas and pink topazes from Katlang, Mardan, and good quality zircon, different varieties of quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, sphene, spinel, zoisite apatite, epidote, morganite, garnet, scapolite, clino zoisite, xenotime, bastnaesite, peridot, nephrite, serpentine, agate, diopside, pargasite, amethyst, scheelite, pollucite, chrome diopside and kunzite are found in mountainous belt from South Waziristan to Chitral, makes the country significant in the mineral world.
3 tonne bulk sample of weathered Bastnaesite Zone mineralisation from Ngualla using the simple sulphuric acid leach recovery process.
The locality is known for samarskite and a variety of other interesting species such as fayalite, gadolinite, zinnwaldite, bastnaesite, synchisite and xenotime.
0% lower grade cut the Mineral Resource for the Bastnaesite Zone weathered mineralisation targeted for initial development is:
sharp, pale brown crystal; bastnaesite as tabular, sand-colored crystals; and a bright orange crystal of monazite, respectively.
3 tonne bulk sample of Ngualla weathered Bastnaesite Zone mineralisation using the simple sulphuric acid leach recovery process.