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Synonyms for bastardly

born out of wedlock

of no value or worth


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Je suis acadien je me contente d'imiter le parvenu Avec son Chrysler shine [shiny] et sa photo dans les journaux (Raymond Leblanc 1971, 53) [I swear in English all my bastardly goddams And often fuck-its well up in my throat With Jesus-Christs flung against the windshield Bleeding medium-rare .
In the 1940s, he found himself in the 90% tax bracket (Reynolds 162), and ultimately came to view the tax season as "the bastardly income tax epoch that comes to interrupt and bitch work just at the best working time" (SL 881).
1939: The Bastardly Bill made blood tests compulsory in paternity cases.
According to Sumner, he spoke of defendant as "that God damned, lying, thieving son-of-a-bitch"; according to Bates, as "that God damned lying, cow-thieving son-of-a-bitch, Marshall Levy," and according to McKinney, as "that God damned mother-f--king, bastardly son-of-a-bitch
3) For Mo Yan, Northeast Gaomi is a paradox, "easily the most beautiful and most repulsive, most unusual and most common, most sacred and most corrupt, most heroic and most bastardly, hardest-drinking and hardest-loving place in the world.