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Synonyms for bastardize

Synonyms for bastardize

Synonyms for bastardize

change something so that its value declines

declare a child to be illegitimate


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To the extent that they have digested Jacobs, they have romanticized her vision, bastardizing her empirical observations of how cities work into a formula they want to impose not just on cities but on suburbs and small towns as well.
There were letters to the local press criticizing us for bastardizing traditional dance and for wearing teenage street clothes instead of proper outfits.
We did, and we failed, because those manipulating the system, influencing the government, and bastardizing the Constitutionthey are stronger.
If the powerful people will actually stop using the system, manipulating the government, and bastardizing the Constitution for their own interests, then, ideally, we can have a government that is "from the people" and "for the people.
The President (Benigno Aquino III) and his family have been bastardizing the Supreme Court decision for two years now.