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Synonyms for bastardized

deriving from more than one source or style

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Where was verse-writing and scripture is the South's bastardized English.
The entertainment industry newspaper Variety pans it as "another tumbling step down the ladder that has seen newslike programming bastardized to satisfy the itch once scratched by fact-based TV movies.
Among the furniture sculptures were two bastardized versions of Rietveld's Berlin chairs, their black, white, and gray panels affixed with aluminum offshoots that together form stylized figures lounging on, and merging with, the chairs themselves--one complete with a phallic protrusion angling upward from its seat.
Sometimes ignorance has bastardized the real message of peace and understanding.
Rent control, which has been bastardized beyond the original intent of a temporary wartime measure of almost 60 years ago, has now been extended to you.
Most of the supposedly sacrosanct "Petipa texts" that Komleva claims are bastardized by teh mostly non-Russian young ballet dancers seem to come from the most general of Petipa sources available to dancers who are not scholars.
In the West, we have bastardized certain sacred terms.
all works 2006), earnestly bastardized a panoply of styles from Symbolism to neo-expressionism, leaving each one disgorged.
While the concept of our legal system is noble, implementation of ``law'' has been bastardized to the point of being a sick joke.
Centrally placed, these figures make an effective contrast with Lozek's renderings of angular attic rooms sparsely furnished with items suggestive of modern design in its more baroquely bastardized incarnations.
The problem comes when they demand government legislate their anti-Christ doctrine, and cram their bastardized Christianity down the rest of our throats.
The Eliases, rightly I think, said no, if you're going to revive it, revive it as it was,'' said Michael Blakemore, the British director who, with the uncredited help of playwright John Guare, finally got the OK to contemporize ``Kate,'' although not to the point, Blakemore insists, that the show has been in any way bastardized.
Consider how many feel-good, well-intentioned laws and programs have been manipulated and bastardized to backfire in our faces.
How does a work of art criticism, a bastardized trade perhaps better learned on street corners than in the academies that now rule over it, survive?
The courts have bastardized the Constitution and the Bill of Rights into what they are not.