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deriving from more than one source or style

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Composed of only drums, bastardized bass guitar and angst-ridden vocals, the music focuses on topics of isolation, abandonment and fear.
American exceptionalism, the doctrine of human rights, and the idea of historical progress were joined to produce a bastardized Protestant Christianity; the result was the liberal internationalism that Republicans, especially the Evangelical ones, have signed on to.
Not that we'd veto an NHL game breaking out across the infield at Fenway Park - and, be honest, when you saw the Flyers' Danny Carcillo start pummeling the Bruins' Shawn Thornton, your first reaction had to be, "Hey, guys, take it outside" - but doesn't the fact that NBC scrambled to put that and a Brian Boitano "Spectacular" in as the lead-ins to a prime-time lineup that included not the Orange Bowl (and its groovy Disney halftime show) but instead the "The Biggest Loser" and "The Jay Leno Show" (no, we're not being redundant) a far more obvious indication that there's something amuck in the bastardized money-coated world of collegiate gridiron than the absence of askewed-up bracket to determine a "true" champion?
That animal was relatively easy to come by and was the bastardized breed of the animals ridden by the Conquistadores, certainly not the finest that Spain had to offer.
To me it tastes like some kind bastardized lager cousin of Guinness, but I like it better than Guinness.
Or so one version of the bastardized quote from former GM official Charlie Wilson goes.
The social goods that can be found in markets--the nobility of self-reliance, the creativity and freedom inherent in launching a new venture, the solid fairness of an even exchange--seem to strike Siegel as bastardized virtues, because commerce itself is morally suspect.
Among the furniture sculptures were two bastardized versions of Rietveld's Berlin chairs, their black, white, and gray panels affixed with aluminum offshoots that together form stylized figures lounging on, and merging with, the chairs themselves--one complete with a phallic protrusion angling upward from its seat.
Many developers, trying to make a quick buck and with little respect for design or architecture, have bastardized the loft.
The term hero has been bastardized in the last few years to denote anyone in the public eye who does something out of the ordinary in their field.
What I discovered was that statistical information, bastardized and popularized, was a deeper way for people to understand that they belonged to something larger than a family or a particular community.
All of these same tales that we sing so passionately about have been bastardized and sold out to Hollywood.
The irony of that fact, he argues, is that coffee is now bastardized by the free market it made possible in the first place, and the crop's degradation is dragging down millions of Third World farmers in the process.
Local forms are endlessly trivialized, bastardized and wedded to the worst aspects of Western speculative 'architecture'.
Forester (not to say film makers who, half a century later, bastardized two of his books for TV) used the same historical material quite differently, as a forum for the development of his fictional youthful Horatio Hornblower character.