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Synonyms for bastardization

declaring or rendering bastard

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an act that debases or corrupts

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Aware of criticisms against the supposed bastardization of the party-list system, Romero said his track record as a businessman, who has helped generate many jobs for the Filipinos, drew public interest to his group's campaign that translated into millions of votes.
The Commission is well aware of the fact that the provision is prone to abuse and may even lead to the bastardization of the entire process involved in the selection of candidates by the various political parties in existence to ensure their victory in the polls, the decision read.
Pope Francis chose the right phrase: the bastardization of marriage.
It was this sad state of artistic affairs that raised the hackles of artist Jonathan Olazo who lamented what he perceived to be the bastardization of art, notably abstraction.
We denounce the bastardization and debasement of lumad culture and defense system by arming the lumad against their own kin, making them pawns against the fight against insurgency.
This easily results in the bastardization of the system.
I surmise they could not stand the deprivation and bastardization of the environments they get their huge revenue from.
It's unclear if he intends to challenge his disqualification all the way to the Supreme Court, whose decision in a particular case opened the floodgates to the bastardization of the party-list system.
"China's occupation of our marine territory is a clear bastardization of the independence that our ancestral heroes have died for.
Arao wondered why the President had not made any public remarks on what was seen as a blatant 'bastardization' of the party list system by Duterte Youth and Cardema.
We have no doubt as well that the bastardization of the politicians of this Charter provision is also abetted by the ruling of the Supreme Court on the petition of some Partylist groups seeking disqualification and cancellation of accreditation of certain Partylist organizations because their nominees were family members of incumbent politicians, or that they were not representing a particular disadvantaged sectors of the population.
'We condemn the bastardization of our republican system of government by dynasties.
However, Brooks left little to interpretation in criticizing Woods' "bastardization" of the legislative process and the methodical way Woods cheated the system.
Senator Bam Aquino asserted that he and fellow senators will not allow the railroading and bastardization of the process to change the 1987 Constitution.
It is surmised that the founder, Brigadier Hamilton Gault, a former 'Black Watch' officer from the Canadian Militia, may have used the Gaelic term when referring to the flag and subsequent soldiers' bastardization of the Gaelic became accepted practice.