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Synonyms for bastardised

deriving from more than one source or style

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The former Information Minister said he struggled to explain to the infant that his name was merely bastardised by members of the opposition parties.
And logically, if the cheese was to be registered as PDO, it should have been with the traditional recipe, and not some bastardised recipe that suited dairy product manufacturers and the cattle-farmers.
However, the trend has prompted one leading restaurateur to warn aspiring chefs they need to ensure they have the skills to compete at this level and steer clear of "vanity projects" serving "bastardised s Indian food."
There have been complaints that the programme uses a bastardised version of the English language, but surely children are able to distinguish between speaking properly, as they do at school and home and a little mouse who insists "me tink me know who de t'ieving mouse may be".
Now, once again, change has bastardised tradition through meddling with a rock-solid structure.
Does the panel think that the "BBC" should use the bastardised English place names in Wales?
THE decision by Network Rail to take maintenance contracts away from private firms highlights the madness of bastardised privatisations.
A match was mooted for her as a girl to the Dauphin of France, but came to nothing, and after her father's death she and her four sisters were officially bastardised. Her two young brothers had disappeared into the Tower and there was a whisper that her uncle, Richard III, planned to scoop her up for himself.
And if the bastardised English words are not making people laugh, they're making them cringe instead.
Indeed, bastardised versions of them can be found in many of the UK's new towns, created by the free-thinking designers of the day.
This would not be so bad were the results confined to this suburban development but, as mentioned above, a bastardised version of the Duchy development's style has gained a stranglehold on local authority thinking and is affecting planning decisions elsewhere.
From the time the traditional institution is bastardised, the entire history and culture of the people would be bastardised.
Cancer Bats continued the sonic carnage in CF10 with their scathing, bastardised boogie.
He is writing to the club warning its "bastardised" haka trespasses on Maori rights.
Some of the tweaked tunes sit more comfortably than others, with a sweet Stand By Me from songbird Ali McGregor as Grace Madden/Polly Peachum, and an amusing, bastardised rendition of Mary Hopkin's Those Were The Days by Karina Fernandez as pamphleteer Phebe Groves.