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a musician who plays the bassoon

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The bassoonist, who is a sought-after soloist and chamber musician, began his studies with LEiszlE Hara in Helsinki, continuing on as a post-graduate student at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin, where he studied with Klaus Thunemann.
2) Email from Robert Koper, founding bassoonist of the Camerata Woodwind Quintet, January 29, 2014
One Juilliard bassoonist gave a concert featuring indie rock-song variations alongside classical works.
Others to join up included fellow horn player Eric Gaggs, violinists E A Garrod, G E Stutely, and Messrs Baker, Brown and Collins; viola player H S Cropper, bass clarinetist Slade Norton, and a bassoonist called Camden.
Spearheading the work for WNO is bassoonist Chris Vale who launched the project with orchestra manager Phil Boughton in the mid 1990s to give young people a real understanding of playing in an opera orchestra.
The concert, which is being performed at the church Hilary attended, will be a selection of chamber music by Brahms and Haydn including performances by a quartet and a bassoonist.
The mood lightens considerably with Paul Moravec's Andy Warhol Sez: (2005), a work for bassoon and piano requiring the bassoonist to recite a short quote from Warhol before each of seven brief sketches.
If there was one slight reservation that was that the large orchestra rather swamped the often delicate tones of the bassoon, ably played by the principal bassoonist of the RLPO, Alan Pendlebury.
Stephen Reay, Northern Sinfonia's principal bassoonist, must have had his fill of quips like 'Why is a bassoon better than an oboe?
During his tenure at the Tampa campus from 1966 to '80, he also was principal bassoonist with the Tampa Philharmonic and the St.
Finalists were bassoonist Naomi Mace from Egglescliffe; Azusa Tanner, a pianist and at 13 the youngest competitor who attends Conyers School in Yarm and 16 year-old soprano Clare Tunney from St Mary's College, Middlesbrough.
The major cause is the conducting of former bassoonist Evelino Pido, who himself seems to suffer from bouts of somnambulism.
Dawson, a retired hand surgeon, is a bassoonist, medical consultant to musician's organizations, and retired professor of orthopedic surgery at Northwestern U, who specializes in performing arts medicine.
With a recording contract with top label Universal Classics And Jazz as the prize, the two young Scots - guitarist Ian and bassoonist Karen - and Irish pianist Sophie need to give the performance of their lives at prestigious London venue LSO St Luke's, accompanied by a 40-piece professional orchestra, the City of London Sinfonia.
Players on board with Malkiel include the likes of vocalist/percussionist Abraham Rodriguez, bongocero Anthony Carrillo, bassists Andy Gonzalez and Dave Hertzberg, drummer Henry Cole, pianists Jack Glottman and Pablo Mayor (also functioning as co-producer), clarinetist Anat Cohen, tenor saxophonist Chris Karlic, flutist/vocalist/percussionist Itai Kriss, tuba player Howard Johnson, trumpeter Steve Gluzband, bassoonist (and Malkiel's wife) Gili Sharett, and tresero/vocalist Chacho Schartz.