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the tendency of cells to stain with basic dyes

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1) Toxicity, evidenced by increased cytoplasmic basophilia and degranulation, was also noted among heterophils and, with the presence of a left shift in this series, indicated an inflammatory leukogram.
In the current study, hemato-biochemical analysis revealed mild normocytic normochromic regenerative anemia, normocytic hypochromic anemia and macrocytic-normochromic anemia, slightly elevated WBC count (in all cats) with mild basophilia and monocytosis.
The marked basophilia of the cytoplasm is due to an abundance of rough endoplasmic reticulum.
Section of brain showing ischemia induced changes like loss of basophilia due to necrosis of the small neurons of the granular layer of brain in ischemic control group.
Dysplastic lesions are characterized by proliferative phenomenon, gland crypts with enlarged lumens, marked cell basophilia, goblet cells depletion and polarity loss (15).
The cells circulating in the peripheral blood can be characterized by nuclear-cytoplasmic asynchrony, visualized most often by a persistence of basophilia in the cytoplasm of cells with nuclei that appear to be more mature.
The significant increase in basophilia in summer indicated severe stress condition in normal birds similar to the findings of Altan et al.
In the nuclei of almost all neurons there is a weakening pattern of chromatin, they lose their basophilia and look like white spots, in which the remnants of various configurations of chromatin are found only in some places.
10) Basophilia, eosinophilia and thrombocytosis are often present.
Toluidine blue (TB) is a basic dye that helps in identification of myeloid blasts showing differentiation towards basophils, which may be seen in acute basophilic leukemia, basophilic blast crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and AML with basophilia.
The degenerative changes extend to the level of the perichondrium; they are associated with (1) a loss of the normal basophilia of the underlying cartilage, (2) focal fibrosis with increased cellularity, or (3) dropout of chondrocytes.
Associated basophilia and thrombocytosis are common.
2][mu]-globulin (an effect not observed with TCE treatment) along with hyaline droplet accumulation and basophilia between 16 and 18 weeks but gave no quantitative analyses.
Sections through the abdomens of lycosid females after staining with Azure B reveal large amounts of RNA basophilia present in cells of the midgut diverticula (MGD) that fill the space around and under the heart chamber, which is positioned just below the dorsal surface of the body (HC in Fig.