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Synonyms for basketful

the quantity contained in a basket


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Many local businesses set up stalls to sell their goodies and promote their services, including A Basketful of Love; Kandy Prints; Started With a Stitch; Everton in the Community; Sure-Start; The Doh-Hut; and Sarah Darcey's Delight.
Here, across the North East, supermarkets began to open by the basketful in the early 1960s.
On these pages, you'll find a basketful of ideas to put to use in your communities, and we hope you'll pass those ideas and successes on to others.
Out of a basketful of aggressive options, DEBKAfile's military and intelligence experts pick the four most likely methods the Americans may have applied to thwart the latest North missile launch: 1.
She recalled a Swiss chef who bought a basketful of okras from the Baguio public market because he was fascinated with them.
He will sell a cartload of firewood, or a bag of paddy, or a basketful of vegetables, at a throwaway price.
In fact it is but one of a basketful of studies pro-lifers cite, and nowhere near as weak as Grimes implies.
In her left hand is a basketful of fresh produce, in her right, a plastic bag bearing live fish.
We can be sure of this because this is what he did say in Newcastle yesterday on a flying visit with fellow band member Tony Hadley to promote this basketful of goodies.
Then, after years of study, she discovers ''I [had] arrived with a basketful of questions.
11/20 More for Your Dollar: A Basketful of PR and Business Lessons
The third set could have gone either way, thanks to the basketful of unforced errors from both (Brown was the bigger culprit with as many as 37 for the match to Gojowczyk's 23).
There, her mother approached with a basketful of small packets of henna as a phalanx of iPhone-equipped female photographers formed a wall around the bride in her pretty red veil.