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A prep basketball star, son of an old college basketball star, loses his 12-year-old sister to cancer: ``They Have Wider Perspective on Life,'' a newspaper's sub-headline reads.
Rawlings RLO-NCAA and RLL Women's NCAA Basketballs are exclusive for NCAA Men's and Women's Div.
Rawlings is an Official Corporate Sponsor of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and an exclusive licensee for NCAA basketballs, footballs and accessories.
finest basketball available for use in these important contests.
The first step to the Final Four for a Rawlings' basketball is to the weight room where each men's basketball must weigh between 20-22 ounces and 18-20 ounces for the women's.
A basketball cannot be out of round and still serve as a Rawlings Official NCAA Championship ball.
Emanuel Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs will return to Buenos Aires, Argentina with NBA players for the second annual Basketball without Borders Americas June 30-July 4.
In its fifth year, Basketball without Borders Europe will feature a contingent of NBA players from Europe, including Russia's Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz and Germany's Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks at La Ghirada Sports Facility in Treviso, Italy July 28-31 with McDonald's, Nike and Spalding as BWB Marketing Partners.
The first edition on Asian soil, where basketball is the most popular sport, will further benefit from this program.
Each Basketball without Borders camp will feature a group of current and former NBA players and coaching personnel -- acting as camp coaches -- and will unite the top young basketball players (ages 19 & under) from across each region to take part in basketball instruction and competition.
Performance is critical for any new product, and the INFUSION Basketball exemplifies a quality solution at its very best.
The INFUSION basketball has Spalding's exclusive, patented Micro Pump incorporated into the ball, allowing air to be added to the ball with a simple twist and pump.
Utilizing both television and print, this campaign focuses directly on the new INFUSION basketball line, which features the only basketball product with a built in Micro Pump(TM), allowing users to add air to the ball anytime, anywhere.
The thing about the INFUSION that impressed me the most is that the basketball is 'cutting edge,'" said Bryant.
Additionally, due to the success of the INFUSION basketball, Spalding has just introduced a line of INFUSION soccer balls and is launching INFUSION football and volleyball in June and September respectively.