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Hammer Harrison established a new mark for the longest underhand basketball shot , an astounding 84 feet 8.
2009) Inter-individual variability in the temporal structure of the basketball shot.
Whether a Hoop It Up participant or not, all contest hopefuls can enter the HERSHEY'S Milk & Milkshakes Basketball Shot Contest.
LG's "Flick It Basketball Challenge" allows fans to interact with LG OLED TVs and LG G Flex2 smartphones by "flicking" a virtual basketball shot from the smartphone onto the TV.
The analytical group was given two minutes before the exercise to develop a list of factors that would determine the difficulty of a basketball shot, such as the number of defenders near the shooter, whether the shooter is stationary or moving, and the point value of the shot.
The weeklong camp, which opened Monday at CSUN, was created in 1984 by Simi Valley resident Ingrid Cleffi, whose goal was give the physically challenged the same opportunities as their peers - to sink the basketball shot, to hit the bull's eye, to score the hockey goal.
The press named it the sky hook, but it's basically a very fundamental basketball shot.
Spectators are naturally drawn to competitive challenges that allow the Gaverage guy" to take a shot at winning a big cash prize by performing a feat of athletic or mental skill, such as a half court basketball shot or the prediction of winning teams in a bracket competition.
They join Globetrotters teammate Thunder Law , who holds two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record-titles: The longest basketball shot C 109 feet 9 inches C and most recently, the farthest basketball shot made backwards C 82 feet 2 inches C which Thunder set in celebration of the 10[sup.
London, Sep 24 (ANI): Six young Americans, who call themselves 'Dude Perfect', claim to have videotaped themselves sinking the world's longest basketball shot.
That's the deal from the David Letterman camp after it came out that the $10,000 the TV star gave kid actress Anna Paquin on the air Monday night for making a basketball shot was taken back after the show.
12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Known the world over for amazing feats of basketball, the Harlem Globetrotters have once again set the standard, as Globetrotters' star Thunder Law smashed the official Guinness World Records record for the farthest basketball shot made backwards C 82 feet 2 inches C topping the old mark of 72 feet 2 inches, set over three years ago, by exactly 10 feet.
Other players selected in past Globetrotter drafts include current Globetrotters Anthony "Ant" Atkinson , the first ever Globetrotters' draft selection and a college All-American and national champion, former Siena sharp-shooter Tay "Firefly" Fisher , dunking and ball handling sensation William "Bull" Bullard and Corey "Thunder" Law , holder of the Guinness World Records record for the longest basketball shot (109 feet 9 inches).
com to see their greatest shots including: "The World's Longest Basketball Shot," and a host of other amazing videos which have made them bona-fide internet superstars and seen them collect such accolades as MSN's #1 Most Viral Video of 2009 as well as being listed by Advertising Age as one of YouTube's Top 10 Brands.
One lucky kid won the chance to become a pre-teen millionaire by taking a million dollar NERF basketball shot on the nationally televised program, NBA Inside Stuff.