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While officiating high school basketball games at the state tournament level is packed with lots of pressure, doing it at the grade-school level has its own difficulties.
This US President joined two of Hollywood's biggest stars in an impromptu basketball game as he indulged in his favourite sport alongside Clooney, who hosted a 40,000 dollar-a-head fundraising dinner in Los Angeles the previous night, and the 'Spider Man' star.
A visit by US Vice President Jo Biden to China has been marred by a two minute on-court brawl in a "goodwill" basketball game to accompany the trip.
It seems to be quite a large snack for a basketball game though.
You have a campaign ad during a basketball game. I expect you will declare that in your SOCE," she added.
The fundraising was introduced to the public at a boys varsity basketball game between Hersey and Prospect.
Richard Gordon also joined Zubiri in watching the basketball game.
Police, who were already on duty for the basketball game, responded quickly to the shootings.
24 Northwest Christian in a Cascade Collegiate Conference men's basketball game on Friday night at Cavalier Gymnasium.
London, Mar 14 ( ANI ): US president Barack Obama took David Cameron to his first basketball game, as the British Prime Minister made an official visit to America.
Attendees will be treated to a live concert, model lounge and a celebrity basketball game & slam dunk contest.
But even divine inspiration can't help him as he attends another basketball game.
She threw some hoops during the basketball game in Malibu
I was at my brother's basketball game with my BFF, and we were on the bleachers eating skittles.
The day-long event also included a kick-off brunch, a cocktail reception, musical performances by Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish and Edwin McCain, and a live auction, in which two game tickets to a New York Knicks basketball game and the opportunity for a child to act as ballboy/girl fetched $31,000.