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a coach of basketball players

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Turner worked as a security guard and an assistant basketball coach at  Cienega High School.
With Pacquiao reportedly being introduced this week as the coach of a new Kia team in the Philippines Basketball Association, Spoelstra, despite being widely popular in the Philippines as the Filipino-American coach of two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat, might not be the country's favourite basketball coach anymore.
Joining Werner as an assistant will be Brad Katz, also a former boys' basketball coach at Poly.
On the average a woman head basketball coach in college earns $23,000 less per year than her male counterparts.
Crenshaw boys' basketball coach Willie West will have to postpone retirement after his team defeated Sylmar.
2) Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden tries on his custom fire helmet Saturday after being honored at the Benefit for Our Bravest in Sherman Oaks, a street festival tribute for firefighters across the city.
The third inspired presence in Springfield at the time was an outstanding educator and coach named Professor Ernest Blood, a member of the YMCA during his youth and later a YMCA physical director and basketball coach (1895-1906), was more than familiar with Gulick's philosophy--he lived it.
RESEDA -- The post office will be renamed in honor of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, thanks to President George W.
DIGGER PHELPS, former Notre Dame basketball coach, asked by Irish alumnus and Boston Red Sox great Carl Yastrzemski, when his team was finally going to win a championship: "Funny, I was about to ask you the same question.
Colon cancer survivors -- former University of Missouri men's basketball coach, Norm Stewart, and former FOX sportscaster, Oren Stevens -- have joined the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) and Coaches vs.
Mazzuto was met with a favorable reception on Wednesday, including men's basketball coach Bobby Braswell, who said he liked Mazzuto's leadership style, commitment to upgrading facilities and ability to recognize the unique problems facing Northridge.
On Tuesday, Pepperdine proved Calipari right, hiring Walberg as the 12th men's basketball coach in the program's 68 years, signing him to what is believed to be a three or four-year contract.
One of the biggest recruiting tools we have at Indiana is the atmosphere here during a big game," Mike Davis, Indiana men's basketball coach said.
Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood to remember Maggie Dixon, the women's basketball coach at West Point, who died Thursday after suffering an irregular heartbeat.