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Synonyms for stretcher

a wooden framework on which canvas is stretched and fixed for oil painting

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a mechanical device used to make something larger (as shoes or gloves) by stretching it

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a litter for transporting people who are ill or wounded or dead

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a stone that forms the top of wall or building

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We put her in a basket stretcher and four of us then walked her across the field.
Watch manager Colin Finlinson said: "Together with paramedics, we were able to extract the man from the scene using a basket stretcher and the ship's equipment.
Mersey Fire and Rescue Service sent two crews to help to rescue the man using a basket stretcher.
It could provide vital equipment to the team, such as personal protective equipment for two members, a water rescue life jacket and floating line, or a basket stretcher and lifting bridle used for evacuating casualties from rocks and capable of being lifted into the RAF rescue helicopters.
A fire service spokesman said crews used a ladder, ropes and a basket stretcher to lift the woman into a specially reinforced ambulance.
Fire crews from Highgate fire station and the water support unit from Perry Barr fire station used a basket stretcher and ladder to rescue him from the river.
Rescuers brought the man up the embankment in a basket stretcher.
Designed for rescue situations in rugged locations, including industrial, mining and construction sites, the basket stretcher features a polyethylene plastic shell with a permanently attached heavy-duty aluminum frame.
Tenders are invited for Basket Stretcher Of Size: 219Cm X 64Cm X 18Cm L X W X H ,Self Weight:16 Kgs, Load Weight: 272 Kgs.
Crews assisted the ambulance service using a basket stretcher and the male was taken to Fazakerley hospital with suspected injuries.
The Ferno Model 71 basket stretcher is often used to carry injured footballers off the field of play and earlier this year a Ferno basket stretcher appeared at the Oxford and Cambridge boat race after bowman Alex Wood collapsed from exhaustion.