basket hilt

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a hilt with a basket-shaped guard for the hand

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In 1819 Sir Thomas Sinclair and other Scottish friends and admirers presented Kean with a sword, a claymore with 'Andrea Ferrara' blade, silver basket hilt with emerald paste set on medallion and lined with red velvet, hand grip covered with shagreen.
It is believed to get its name from the basket hilt resembling a human rib-cage.
The sword is a dress sword with basket hilt and shagreen (ray skin) or leather-covered handle with silver wire binding the blade - probably by
What the Greek kopus was to the sarissa and the Roman pugio was to the gladius, so too was the French gauche to the sabre, the Spanish daga to the espada, the Scottish dirk to the basket hilt, and the English dagger to the rapier.
Basket Hilts, servant to Squire Tub, has been told by his master to hasten from Finsbury to St Pancras church to convey an urgent message to the vicar.