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Synonyms for basilica

an early Christian church designed like a Roman basilica

a Roman building used for public administration

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We remind the reader that in the case of hall churches the side-aisles are approximately the same height as the nave, unlike the churches built to a basilican plan where they are (much) lower.
The building still maintains the basilican structure, with the numerous pillars and confessionals still standing.
The exterior of the brick building is rather dark and forbidding, but inside it is a basilican palace with a great arched roof, glorious colours and gilding.
Ex Cathedra give us a taste of 'Christmas at Versailles' on Saturday, when a programme devoted to the music of Michel Richard de Lalande, favourite of Louis XIV, promises to sit very comfortably in the basilican splendour of the Oratory on Birmingham's Hagley Road (7.