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turn basic and less acidic

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The three filtrates were combined, concentrated to give a methanolic, green slime (90 g) which was treated with 1 M HCl and then basified by adding 5 M NaOH with continuous stirring until a cloudy precipitate appeared.
By changing the elution solvent system from basified methanol to a mixture of 7:2:1 ethyl acetate/isopropanol/ammonium hydroxide, we were able to almost completely remove this impurity from the final extracts.
The organic phase was concentrated to 500 mL with a rotating evaporator and extracted with 0.2 M aqueous HCl (5x 200 mL), and the aqueous HCl phase was basified with NaOH to pH 11, extracted with CH[Cl.sub.3] (5x 300 mL), concentrated in vacuum, dried over [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4], and filtered.
The complete removal of chlorides was checked by titration of the basified water (pH 10) with silver nitrate in presence of [K.sub.2]Cr[O.sub.4] (Mohr method).
The reaction was cooled to 0[degrees]C and basified with ammonium hydroxide solution.
Each time this solution was basified according to the basic strength of the other half.
The aqueous layers thus obtained, were basified with N[H.sub.4]OH (pH 11) and partitioned with C[H.sub.2]C[l.sub.2], affording, after filtration under N[a.sub.2]S[O.sub.4], crude alkaloid extracts (AE).
The XPS measurements were carried out on basified PANi.
The mixtures were filtered and then the filtrates were basified with 5% Na2CO3 to yield precipitations .
The resulting basified solution was acidified to pH 4 with glacial acetic acid.
Each time the two halves were basified with 10 mL of the 10% solution of sodium hydroxide.
The remaining acid phase was basified with [NH.sub.4]OH (pH 9) and the extract with [CH.sub.2][Cl.sub.2].
In the present work the urea half cell containing an aqueous basic solution of urea was coupled with a half cell containing a water extract of chickpea and basified with 0.5 M NaOH solution.
The aqueous layer was basified with ammonium hydroxide to pH 9.0 and was again partitioned with chloroform.