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turn basic and less acidic

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Basification of PZA 4 to Dianionic Polyelectrolyte (DAPE) 6.
Basification of PZA 4 to Zwitterionic Anionic Polyelectrolyte (ZAPE) 7.
EasyWhite Tan is a totally new concept in chrome-free tanning; using Granofin Easy F-90, an organic compound that is metal free, as well as aldehyde free, formaldehyde free and phenol free, its self-reactive hybrid performance means that the usual basification process in tanning and the earlier pickle stage, are completely eliminated.
By eliminating the basification and pickle stages and focusing only on tanning, EasyWhite Tan not only generates considerable savings in time and reduced chemical usage, it also lessens the opportunities for error, makes handling easier and safer and provides for greater production stability and consistency.
Among them, especially pretanning stages involving "doundo" operations such as curing (dehydration), soaking (rehydration), liming (swelling), deliming (deswelling), pickling (acidification) and depickling (basification) are significant (Bienkiewicz, 1983).