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a small club-shaped structure typically bearing four basidiospores at the ends of minute projections

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(7) Fresh basidiocarp, (8) dried basidiocarp, (9) basidiospores, (10) basidium, (11) cystidium, and (12) generative hyphae.
The fungal spores for these two groups are located in a special structure called the basidium (for Basidiomycetes) or the ascus (for Ascomycetes), and such mushrooms can grow either above the earth (epigeous macrofungi), giving mainly umbrella like structures which include basidiospores, or at depths of 10-20 cm below the soil surface (hypogeous macrofungi or truffles).
Using electron-scanning microscopy, Wu (2000) describes the way four basidiospores in Shiitake are formed on a basidium. Shiitake usually have central stalks attached to circular-shaped mushroom caps that are light tan to dark brown and 5-25 cm across.
Germination with phragrnobasidia developing basidiospores; three-celled apical parts of the basidia often separate from the rest of the basidium.