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a small club-shaped structure typically bearing four basidiospores at the ends of minute projections

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Basidia 26-33 x 7-11 um, subcylindrical to subclavate, hyaline to pale yellow in KOH.
Basidia cylindrical, hyaline, tri - septate, spores are hyaline, reniform to allantoid, size was 15 x 4-5 im.
5-12 [micro]m Basidia clavate, two sterigmata, 40-85 x 6-9.
5 um, subellipsoid both in face- and side-view, thick-walled, wall up to 1 [micro]m, yellowish-brown, with a germ pore; basidia 29-32 x 7-11 um, 2- or 4-spored, ventricose-fusoid, hyaline, many collapsed; pleurocystidia not observed; cheilocystidia 22-34(-36) x (4-)4.
Germination with phragmobasidia developing basidiospores; two-to four-celled apical parts of the basidia usually separate from the spore.
For Measurements 20 randomly selected spores, cystidia and basidia were measured and then averaged to get the final measurement.
Basidia myxarioideae, ovale-subglobosae, 10 - 12 x 8 - 9 [micron]m, 2-4-cellulatae, 9 - 12 [micron]m pedunculatae, sterigmata flexuosa ad 20 - 22 [micron]m longa.
Members of class Dacrymycetes are known as jelly fungi characterized by imperforate parenthesomes and basidia that are usually branched.
Basidia aovato-elliptica, 10 - 17 x 17 - 20(25) [micron]m, 2-cellulata, concatenata hyphaeque intercalata.
For anatomical characterization of sporocarps acompound microscope was used and the following characterswere noted by preparing slides in KOH Meltzer's TrypanBlue and Lactic Acid: Shape length width cytoplasmiccontents of basidia cystidia basidiospores pileipellis andterminal cells of pileipellis and color reaction.
Basidia 60-85 X 8-11 [micro]m, clavate, attenuate below, clamped, multiguttulate when mature; sterigmata 4, long, curved-divergent.