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a statement of fundamental facts or principles


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Education Minister Jane Davidson said: 'The Observatory Wales, bilingual website is providing employers and employees with easy access to up to date, relevant information on essential subjects such as literacy, language and numeracy, enabling them to learn how to best raise the standards of their basic skills.'
The consent judgment focused on the validity of Back to Basics' Smoothie Maker patents.
WRITING BASICS caters to all writers, old and new, who are not familiar with online publishing.
A: As far as bringin' it back to basics, the first single "Now" fits that perfectly.
Some basic guidelines for underwriters to follow when working with the E&S marketplace also were explored.
"No matter what the economic conditions, farmers need to make the basics of a profitable crop production program a high priority."
Instruction on injection molds and basic mold design will include function, basic mold construction, non-traditional design and techniques, basic design requirements, and mold maintenance and storage.
Sauer drew heavily on knowledge gained solving casting defect problems, developing casting processes and establishing material specifications to highlight how technological advancement can be combined with sound, basic foundry practice.
Only the basics or essentials should be emphasized in instruction.
May be injurious to the body unless an acknowledged methodology has been a basic part of your previous training.
23 -- ?The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has told Reliance Communications to temporarily stop Facebook's Free Basics service.
While ISLAM: THE BASICS joins others in the basics series, it's a powerful stand-alone pick for any collection, college-level, high school or public library, providing all the basics on key areas from the Koran and women in Islam to key dates, ideas, and Islam culture.
Barbara Brundage's Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual (0596004533, $39.95) features time saving basics, customization tips, and details on digital art fine-tuning.
This disk also explains the basics of piping design and the importance of proper design to paper machine operation.